Office of Investigations


George E. Rudd, Acting Chief, Office of Investigations


The mission of the Office of Investigations (OI) is to protect and strengthen the integrity of USCIS programs and systems by serving as an internal, objective investigative body.  To fulfill its mission, OI investigates allegations of non-criminal misconduct, corruption, or fraud involving any employee or contractor employee of USCIS that is not subject to investigation by the DHS Office of Inspector General.  In addition, OI’s scope integrates agency counterintelligence functions to protect USCIS from exploitation involving foreign elements.  OI investigations can result in criminal prosecutions, civil monetary penalties, administrative sanctions, investigative referrals outside USCIS, and personnel actions against employees.

The Office of Investigations will serve as a model internal investigative program, highlighting the importance of integrity to USCIS employees, and ensuring that USCIS programs and systems are secure.

What We Do

The Office of Investigations:

  • Conducts investigations of misconduct, corruption, and fraud involving USCIS employees and contractors
  • Establishes policy relative to investigative procedures and techniques;
  • Maintains electronic storage of investigative records in accordance with the National Archives and Records Administration’s standards;
  • Prepares the semi-annual Report on Internal Affairs Investigations to Congress, which summarizes the USCIS investigative process and investigative activity by the Office of Investigations during the reporting period; and
  • Provides training and guidance to employees assigned to conduct field management inquiries.
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